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Crazy moon has risen over the world to tell the story of the adventures of little people, travelers, clowns, seekers, ridiculous, but kind and funny. Under its light of everything changes shape, and our heroes will survive amazing transformations.

Our heroes will make a phantasmagoric journey through laughter, rebellion, puppet passions and universal love!




The play “Dangerous Liaisons. Post Scriptum ”is an afterword, the final part of the acclaimed novel by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos.


It is executed in a gloomy Gothic-clown style, corresponding to the ironic absurdism of what's happening.


It's the tale of a mystical medieval 'White Kingdom', caught in a power struggle between the heartless White Queen and her daughter. Three white clowns reveal the folly of the Queen's passion for power, with buffoonery, hysterical antics and laughs throughout, culminating in an interactive finale.


Told in dance, mime and music, WHITE SIDE STORY brings smiles and laughter to the faces of both children and adults.


The ONLY clown performance about the Second World War!

This performance of the Comic-Trust Theater, one of the oldest independent theaters in St. Petersburg, is an ironic variation on the theme of the information war.


FIVE-O-CLOCK show is our Russian view of English traditions. This is a mixture of sparkling and subtle English humor based on its best representatives: Fry and Laurie, Monty Python, Benny Hill, Mr. Bean and many other English comedians. The performance is carried out by two actors and with the touch of Petersburg charm. The Five-o-Clock show allows guests from various professions from politicians to plumbers, kings and psychotherapists. Each show will be interactive, changing depending on the level of perception of humor and mood.

cabaret show 

Cabaret “Naphthalene” is the best aristocratic show of St.Petersburg where you can enjoy a great combination of cabaret “Silver Age” and clips of today. This show is a real cascade of dances, pantomime, clown-show, jokes, puppet-show, etc. You can see a quick change of stage masks and characters. The actors are not only on the stage, but next to the spectators in the hall. Everybody becomes an active participant of the performance. The “Dinner Theatre” genre is new for Russia.


Pie-Poetic Battle.

Reckless poetry.

Natalia Fisson and Vasily Soloviev-Sedoy Jr

Musical accompaniment:
Mark Beck


Theatre company "Comic-Trust" presents the first performance in Russia about alcohol dependence and getting rid of it.


Unique project combines the methods of documentary theatre and clowning. The real stories of people with experience of alcohol addiction, told by them in the first person, are accompanied in the performance by the methods of the physical theater, mimance and pantomime. Famous Petersburgers: actor Andrei Urgant, artist Dmitry Shagin and musician Oleg Garkusha will talk about their experience in fighting alcoholism.

The complete ratatouille


Comic-Trust promotes theatre genre that is new to Russia - Dinner Theatre. There is no doubt that the performance with comedian actors will be useful not only to the mind and heart, but also to the stomach. And most importantly - it will be fun and bright!


New version of the legendary performance “Nonsense in tails” staged in 1991 by Vadim Fisson.

The one-on-one cabaret - juggling with masks, genres, dance, pantomime, acrobatics, clowning and music.


Special project of the Theater company Comic-Trust. Fireworks of dancing, sketches, clowning, mime, puppet numbers.