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Complete ratatouille

Director: Vadim FISSON

Production designer: Tatyana TARAKANOVA

Choreographer: Svetlana VAKULENKO

Musical Director: Mikhail OGORODOV
Consultant: Boris BULANKIN

Actors: Natalia Fisson, Ilya Staroselsky, Igor Sladkevich, Tanya Pestova, Olya Nerazik, Kira Pavlov, Tanya Filatova, Sasha Melkaev, Theme Malkov

Thanks for support and help:
St. Petersburg Committee for Culture, International Chaplin Club,
Stolov Dmitry, Saykin Sergey, Grishin Maxim

Do you know who Vakhtang Tomazovich is? You really don't know? This is the director of the famous Complete Ratatouille restaurant! Well, Ilya Yuryevich still works as a cook for him! Oh! Broccoli dubaris still make legends about his soup in the Yamalo-Nenets district! They have the same thing in the restaurant - a napkin man, a violinist without a roof, the most erotic dishwashers, there the pans sing, the products dance ... In short, Complete Ratatouille!

"Comic-Trust" is pleased to present to the beloved public a performance in the new for Russia genre "Dinner Theater" - the scandalous and oval show "Complete Ratatouille".

An enchanting show and a gourmet dinner await you!

Cooking effortlessly and ridiculously delicious!
Real interactive - the viewer votes with spoons!

This is a must see!

It is worth a try!

And no queues at the buffet!